Edna and Graham

Graham, my partner, and I , run this semi retired business (holiday accommodation only) from our home here in Mallacoota.

The population here is around 1,000 permanent residents This swells up to 10,000 during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Over the years we have maintained a reputation for personal, quality service in the field of holiday accommodation. We have a proven background of the complete maintenance and rental of properties in this area. Sometimes in rentals it is direct with the owners, sometimes though other Real Estate Agents.

We find our clients usually live in the city, and know that most will want to have a substantial return on such a large investment as a holiday rental.

We realise that it’s a long way to Mallacoota and that you may not be able to travel here as much as you would like. We are here to assure you that your investment will be in good hands with us. We can take complete control of the Holiday Rental and offer you a comprehensive list of hospitality and maintenance services

We can provide you with:

  • Comprehensive advertising both locally, in Melbourne and Canberra newspapers and here on our website
  • Advertisement by pamphlets and brochures at the information centre and around Mallacoota
  • Brochures in other information centres on our journeys out of Mallacoota
  • Screen calls and provide you with potential clients, saving you both time and distraction
  • We have been in the business for a combined amount of around 50 years or more and know a lot of people
  • Many repeat bookings happen as we want your guests to have a great holiday and to come back again next year. Happy guests are very important to us

We Offer

  • Experienced and trained people (working as sub-contractors) for cleaning, linen hire, repairs
  • Our guests are supplied with ABN receipts, maps and information, location of keys and local information to make sure they have the best holiday we can provide
  • You are given a comprehensive monthly statement and a yearly statement for Taxation purposes
  • You will be able to see at any given time how your rentals are going and if you are meeting your targets

Edna Brady