For My Gardeners and Keepers of the Earth and Hearth!

weather forecast:

Well, Summer is gone. New garden beds are happening as Graham gets the time. We are now concentrating on a bigger shed for all our tools and machinery.


Whippersnip & mow as usual.

Blow leaves up firetrail and path.

See Graham. Pruning, and raking up of leaf litter (May burn leaves for ash).


Wash down and soft broom balcony. Fill all seed containers, and refill the turquoise bin on the balcony.Tidy spent plants on balcony,swap some for shadehouse ones, Tidy shadehouse

Mats onto last weed bed in garden

Tidy feed bags & store pen 1

Crates etc and potting table clean Up

Help me with books in top bookcase

Help me tidy van inside & out