For Jazz and Judy

Lovely storm(!!!) Backup power system worked with little inconvenience. Lucky us. Kelpie that ran away in fright has returned to its Genoa family,no large damage that I know of around Mallacoota.

Have to keep away from the gardening catalogs and back into the garden. Look forward to catching up with both of you sometime soon. I’ll be out to help you as much as I can and my body will allow.


Jobs: green waste bins full. May need to empty them at burning heap (if so, all green waste not being re cycled to mulch or chook treats can go there as well as we are burning on first convenient day.


Dead fern fronds removal. (Antarticas) to burning heap. (Gently pull on dead fronds still on ferns, they should fall into your hand.) Jazz


Rake leaves NZ pittosporum which seems to shed all year. The leaves get carried inside on our shoes and give me the pip. Put raked leaves into the bed. I’d remove the tree except it shades our beautiful bed of clivias from the full sun( They burn easily) That garden bed needs a weed too (to chooks) (Jazz)and one dead limb from the offending tree cut off for firewood(green pile of wood near burning heap, scraps to heap) (Graham wih large saw, Judy with small)

Check cuttings “Mumstead Wood” red rose. Judy to perform surgery on old one and get the replacement into the ground with shade cover and a decent dose of seasol.(Jazz)

Note: Old-fashioned and heirloom climbing roses usually bloom on old growth, and should be pruned after they bloom. For all climbing roses, remove crossing or rubbing branches and clean up the long branches. Cut side shoots back to 2-3 inches.

Clippers over big pink semi climbing rose and pick up bits of pincushion Hakea that died after living a long and prolific life.Off cuts on ground to wood heap. Jazz

Cecil Brunner ready for second flush ( one near front door ramp) Shear off dead flowers. Jazz

Prune back ferns in shadehouse. (to encourage a canopy) Judy


Refresh and repot chrysanthemums, outgrowing pots. Gentle. Soak in tub of water in shade house or in weak seasol first. Jazz


Fire trail: Watch for koala,wombat and other scats.(dung beetles prolific) Tongue orchids at the edges. Mark with tape I will give you so no one disturbs them. NOTE:Magpies nesting. Talk to them! They are friendly and share the area. Peregrine Falcon nest at top right where road ends in Blackwood Drive. Listen for calls. Remove any exotic weeds from verges of road with light hoe in veg. garden or weed lifter with handle in garden shed) LOG at edge of road, half way down block. Hurl into bush, remnant of slashing done by council. Jazz

NOTE: Bluebell creeper (name change billardiera tetrophilla) remove on way back. Near from entrance. Black waste. (HAS BECOME INVASIVE, HAS BERRIES)


Whippersnip and mow where required.

Jazz Vegetables

Empty manure onto beds where weeds have been killed. Organic death of weeds + poo and heat=worms, who will soften the soil and take the nutrients where they need to go! Bags to the back of my car and I’ll return them for a refill. Shear or cut off the coriander. Tie in a bundle. (string on the potting bench) Hang up on garden wire near water chestnut dry for seed.


With Graham and your smaller chainsaw, radically prune the yellow Buddledia into a shrub again as it is now tree height and very straggly!