For My Gardeners and Keepers of the Earth and Hearth!

We are in the midst of a fairly large flood. About 7″ of rain has fallen and a substantial landslip has left us stranded from the outside ( except by a small plane or helicopter!)

This is still the plan!

Over the next few weeks, Graham intends to drought-proof the vegetable garden. He will start by remaking some of the broken-down garden beds. We have a trailer of lucerne mulch and Graham is investigating mushroom compost. He will be sourcing animal manure, seaweed(?), and soil/manure mix from the chook pen. Any horse manure you can get, lawn clippings, etc gratefully received. Due to the fire risk, we are still considering the different options for the new Callistemon plantings. Ideas welcomed!

I’ll help where my body will let me!