Poem on Visiting Mallacoota

To the shores of Mallacoota,
Feeling heartsick and depressed,
From the tumult of the city,
I arrived a stranger guest,
Kindly hearts were there to greet me,
Friendly voices welcomed me;
In the house above the inlet,
Looking o’er the sunlit sea.
On the shores of Mallacoota,
Where the billows shoreward roll,
I have found a balm and solace,
For my overburdened soul,
For the glory of the morning,
And the splendor of the eve,
Has enchanted me and chained me,
And has made me loath to leave.
Mallacoota in the limelight,
Has a glory all its own;
When the mighty sea is muttering,
In a muffled undertone.
And when the rain is on the waters,
And the heavens give no light,
Then the light of mighty Gabo,
Like a great sword cleaves the night.
I have always loved the forest,
I have always loved the sea;
Now here in Mallacoota
Both my loves seem close to me.
I can feel their mighty pulses,
I can hear their great hearts beat,
With the forest close behind me
And the ocean at my feet.
We are all a part of nature,
Part of what we feel and see;
And I feel that Mallacoota,
Has become a part of me.
And wherever I may wander
Or whatever beacons burn,
To the shores of Mallacoota
I will once again return.

Ted Harrington