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The fires. Says it all! ABC Central Coast January 13 ·  13 THINGS NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT BUSHFIRES 🔥 When Cate Tregellas and her family survived the deadly Mallacoota fire on December 30, she never imagined the bizarre, and sometimes weirdly funny things she would learn. Here’s what she wrote in a post put up by friends on Facebook. 1. Black Snot 🤧 Every night for the past week, my last task before I blow out the candle and hit the pillow, is to remove hard dry particles of the blackest of black snot from my nose so I can breathe freely overnight. Despite wearing the latest Mallacootian fashion accessory of a face mask all day, the stealthy little bastards of ash and dirt manage to inveigle their way past all barriers to lodge uninvited and unwanted in my nasal cavities. I never dreamt that in my fifth decade that I would (willingly) be picking my nose. Just don’t tell my Mum. 2. Black IS the New Black🖤 The choice of anyone who has to tackle the dispiriting, back breaking task of cleaning up what is left of their home/shed/business/vehicle/paddock. There is no point wearing anything else, as it will be thoroughly black within few minutes anyway. The antidote to this (for me anyway) is once I have had enough of sifting through superfine debris for the day, is to change into the brightest, lightest coloured clothing, drag a brush through my stiff, ash encrusted hair, slap on some lippy and go into town to deliver more donated goods to the Community Refuge & Evacuation Centre. I feel better, if even for a short while. 3. RSA or Rapid Skill Acquisition 🔨 I have developed new skills that I never, ever thought I would have…such as breaking into houses. Despite having the absent owners’ permission to raid their pantries, closets, cupboards for anything they want to donate for the comfort of others they have never met, I feel that I will be sprung at any moment. I can see the headlines now “School Council President and Copper’s Wife Arrested for Looting Fire Ravaged Hames” In my defence, I have been emptying out the putrefying remains of each fridge and freezer as I go. 4. There Are No Alone Moments. 🚽 I can’t even go to the toilet alone – two of our dogs follow my every move from the moment I wake to the moment they can flop exhausted into our bed at night. We normally don’t allow any creatures (apart from our children) in the bed with us, but if it means they and we get some sleep, why not?

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