13 Things

The fires.

Says it all!

ABC Central Coast

January 13 · 


When Cate Tregellas and her family survived the deadly Mallacoota fire on December 30, she never imagined the bizarre, and sometimes weirdly funny things she would learn.

Here’s what she wrote in a post put up by friends on Facebook.

1. Black Snot 🤧
Every night for the past week, my last task before I blow out the candle and hit the pillow, is to remove hard dry particles of the blackest of black snot from my nose so I can breathe freely overnight. Despite wearing the latest Mallacootian fashion accessory of a face mask all day, the stealthy little bastards of ash and dirt manage to inveigle their way past all barriers to lodge uninvited and unwanted in my nasal cavities. I never dreamt that in my fifth decade that I would (willingly) be picking my nose. Just don’t tell my Mum.

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