Birds of Mallacoota

Ed. Bruce Pascoe


Ellen M. Mculloch, David Hollands, Maree Brackley, the late Mrs Roy Wheeler, Norm and Joan Vincent, Paul Chick, Richard Loyne, Rex Buckingham, David Plant, Ken Nash, the late Marj.Coles, Ken Morrison, Jack Rhodes, Jack Buckland, Kevin McMahon, Dot Bruce, Norm Hodson, Col. McLeod, Alan McEvery, Ian Mc Cann, Becker Family Genoa, Irene Allan, Clive Hansen, Freda Souter, Alan Jones, Pete Sands, Jim Mattiske, Simon Mattiske, the late Bob Dawes, Steve Wadsworth, Bird Observers’ Club ( Mallacoota Central Classes)

The Steadfast Few

Mick Brackley, Laurie Morrison, James McGrath

Junior Members

Kathy Rankin, Catherine Buckland, Craig Stevens, Noel Bruce. Phillip McGrath and Steve Croft who left school some years ago ( to become notable scholars) were invaluable members of the past.


  1. Check list of the birds of Australia: part 1, Non-Passerines by H. T. Condon.
  2. Interim list of Australian Songbirds: passerines by R. Shodde
  3. Ben Boyd N.P. and Nadgee N.R.: a check list of birds 1974
  4. Birds of Mallacoota: 1st Edition 1962,Len Robinson
  5. A Field Guide to Australian Birds: passerines and Non Passerines P.Slater
Mallacoota School also greatly appreciates the help of Geo. Hollins and staff in the printing of this book. THE MALLACOOTA AREA For our purposes in this book we are considering an area bounded by a line running north from the mouth of the Benedore River to the Princes Highway, from the Princes Highway to the New South Wales border and along the border to the coast.


At the end of the list we have included several blank pages. As more birds are added to our list we will print off addendums which can be pasted to one of the blank pages. If you wish to receive one of these additional lists, please write to the Mallacoota P12 College. We will advise through the pages of the Bird Observer’s magazine when these lists are ready. Stamped, addressed envelopes would be appreciated for the despatch of the lists. If you see any birds not on our list, please let us know so that we can keep this booklet up to date. Happy birding! Please contact Edna Brady P.O. Box 41, Mallacoota, 3892 HISTORY OF LAND SETTLEMENT AND


The first land settlement at Mallacoota was in about 1846 when Captain Stevenson landed by boat and farmed near Captain’s Point. Most settlement following was on the east side, as there were no roads between Melbourne and Mallacoota. Farms and gold mines and many camps followed around the lake and the hotel at Lakeview was established by John Augustus Dorron, born Port Royal, Nova Scotia, 1830. the original cemetery was established very early and contains some of the pioneers. The hotel licence was moved to present day Mallacoota in 1922.

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