From Carol Davies 4.1.2024 post on Facebook

I love this, so many memories in this verse

Dave – I think refers to my Dad, Dave Casement “Kelpie”. George – my uncle, George Casement “Humble”. Maurie – Maurie O’Connor- A lightkeeper on Gabo.. Geordie – George Rixon, Hetty’s husband, also a Lightkeeper on Gabo, later retired to live out his days in Mallacoota. Brian – Brian Balhorn also a lightkeeper on Gabo. Old Eden Cole – A legendary Eden fisherman who in early days, held the mail run from Eden to Gabo, pre my Dad’s time. Harry ?????

Thank you to Cory Rixon, Great Nephew of Geordie Rixon for originally posting this poem in 2020

Much treasured!

Poem by Hetty (Esther) Rixon



Things are tough at Gabo, no mail again today,

Rockies aren’t biting, and the bloody chooks won’t lay,

Dave is off to Eden, a motor there to see,

Tomorrow will George cross the the bar? Most improbably,

Half a bag of spuds left, a rooster yet to go,

Winter winds still blowing and tanks getting low,

The boys are getting thirsty; thank god it’s not in cans,

Bleeding things would rust away, before they reach our hands,

Maurie’s gone all sober, a good thing you’ll agree,

Can’t be fuzzy headed, calling small ships out to sea,

Geordies mooching around the place, he’s got the lot you know,

But building houses these days, costs a lot of dough,

Brian’s counting the squids, it’s getting close to leave,

He doesn’t seem to worry much, there’s something up his sleeve.

Old Eden Cole is coming, just when we do not know,

Here’s hoping when we sight him, he’ll have a boat in tow,

Harry’s late, down below; we couldn’t give a damn,

We Gabo folk, just want to see a Mallacoota man,

But for all our little grumbles, a happy gang we are,

We wouldn’t swap our lighthouse job, for city luxury,

So fare thee well my hearties, on mainland you can stay,

Our life is full and happy, on Gabo cross the bay………

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